Paul R K Wheeler Jr.:

Paul and his brother Jon, grew up in The Musical Family of The Wheeler’s which has seen many GREAT Talents World Wide for generation’s. Beginning as a Drummer at age 4 he has played with many of the family’s member’s including Wilf Wheeler Sr. and Jr., Kenny Wheeler , Paul B Wheeler Sr. and Jon David Wheeler.

Paul Jr. had a heavy Jazz influenced upbringing inside the industry. Later as a Professional Musician began touring with various Rock and Country Artists.

Just some of the bands Paul has played with since 1966. The Incredible Case of Insanity Band -1972 The Regulars ( rock fusion), Egypt ( rock fusion)…….The Flip Kids (new wave), Tight Cheeks (new wave), Chillum (southern and prog rock), Hemmaway (southern rock), The Shake (new wave), The Criminals (heavy metal punk), Private Justice (top 40 rock), Stryder (top 40 rock), The Wheeler Brothers (original and classic rock) ,Summer Turning Blue (r&b), Great Gunns (country), The Wheelers (original, classic rock and country) , More Forplay (Boston and Yes trib), Burning Bush (reggae) , Smuggler (southern rock), The Truth (original), The OV-3 (classic rock), Clown School (original), Blind Fate (top 40), Second Idle Essence (southern rock and CCR trib.), Billy Kidd and The Most Wanted (country), Van Walen (Van Halen trib.), Universal Juveniles (Max Webster trib.), The Lisa Klassen band (Patsy Cline trib and country) The Paul Wheeler Band (original,classic rock and ac/dc trib), Ronnie and The Rockets (classic rock) The Tattoo’d Ugly’s, The Rocket’s (British Invasion trib.) (rockabilly,rock and country), Hidden Agenda(original), The Waist Band(country,rock and blues), Brant Parker and The MLTBB (Blues and Jazz Band, Squeeler (ACDC / BonScott Trib.)


Opening act for: Alice Cooper, Trooper, ToTo, Big Wreck, Foo Fighters, Alanna Miles, Jerry Doucette, Nazareth, April Wine and Pete Best to name a few.